Personal Attention In Bankruptcy And Divorce

Serving Greenwood, Indiana and Johnson County with a focus on family law and debt. 

More Than A Lawyer — A Dependable Helping Hand

Financial difficulties and separations are two of the biggest challenges families can go through. That’s why I make it an essential part of my practice to treat these issues with great care and respect, recognizing the personal struggles and life changes you might be facing. Reaching the other side can be made much easier with the helping hand of someone who will guide you through the process. That’s exactly what I offer. 

Whether you are looking to resolve debts through bankruptcy, are finalizing a mutual divorce, or formalizing matters of an estate, will, or trust, my experience is available to you. For more than 10 years, I’ve helped people overcome financial and marital challenges and assisted individuals and businesses is real estate and commercial law issues. I’m prepared to ease your process any way I can. 

Practice Areas

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Over 10 years of large firm experience helping you find the personal debt relief you need to move ahead.

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Family Law

Providing compassionate representation for couples starting or finalizing uncontested divorces.

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Real Estate

Overseeing all property matters from purchases or rentals to foreclosures and more.

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Estate Planning

Making your plans official for protecting and passing down assets through will or trust.

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Business & Commercial

Providing legal support for mergers & acquisitions and transfers or leases of property.

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Business & Commercial

Providing legal support for mergers & acquisitions and transfers or leases of property.

Helping You Find Family and Financial Closure

In private practice, I aim to deliver a decade of experience and success in helping individuals and families overcome the challenges they face. Neither bankruptcy or divorce is a path one should travel alone, especially without the guidance of a lawyer, because even the most straightforward processes are complicated enough. 

As a solo practitioner, dedicate my attention to helping you find your preferred path to resolution, in both family and financial matters. These issues should never be treated as just going through legal motions. I offer great care and experience that paves the way for a smooth path and the best outcome for you.  

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Your Lawyer And Neighbor Alike 

As a native Hoosier, I’m proud to call Greenwood home. aim to do what I can for our community, in legal practice and more. Outside of helping people navigate the legalities of debt, assets, and divorce, stay involved in local charity work and in promoting local businesses. 

When you entrust me to handle your bankruptcy filing, foreclosure or family separation, you know I will do my very best for the good of you and our community when all is through. I’m here for you.  

Call me to set up a free private consultation at 317-622-4603, or send me a message.